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Tips On Replacing A Shower Door Bottom Seal

Today, no stylish and functional bathroom can do without a good and high-quality shower door. The latter come with either swinging or sliding doors. The greater number of sliding shower doors do not have a bottom seal in comparison with outward-swinging shower doors which use a door sweep to well-isolate the door. This unsophisticated device is also designed for preventing water from getting underneath.

In fact, the door seal is fastened with a retainer that is screwed into the door. It can also simply slide in and out of a door bottom channel. To complete this task you may need to ask your friend's help, but be sure that it is not too strenuous or difficult.

To replace your shower door bottom seal you may use the following tips.

Instruction #1

Open your shower door and find a few screws that secure the bottom seal retainer to your shower door. Have the screws removed carefully with a Phillips-head screwdriver or nut driver. Then you'll need to pull the shower door seal retainer from the door. If there are no screws in your retainer, take the end of the door seal with the needle-nose pliers and carefully pull the seal from the lower channel.

Instruction #2

Further the new seal should be unrolled and cut to the length of the old seal with the scissors. In case if your seal retainer is fastened with screws, put the old seal against the new one. Press the holes in your new seal with the sharp top of the scissors, applying the old seal as a template.

Instruction #3

Then the screws need to be inserted through the retainer and the seal should be positioned over the screw ends. Nest, the seal retainer needs to be installed onto the door's bottom. The screws should be well tightened.

Instruction #4

Sealing slides slide the new seal into the retainer channel. Let your friend guide the seal at the end. At that time you need to pull the seal across the channel.

The following tips and warnings should be considered while replacing a shower door bottom seal. It's recommended to use a thin petroleum jelly film on the seal where it contacts with the door channel. This will help the seal to slide easier.

As you can see, replacement of a shower door bottom seal isn't difficult at all. What you need to remember is that everything should be done carefully. And don't forget to get a friend to help you in this process.

Tips On Replacing A Shower Door Bottom Seal

Yours Sincerely, Mr. Gregor

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