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Provide Your Door Thresholds With Effective Protection During Remodeling Projects

During remodeling or construction projects, your door thresholds are subjected to a great amount of mud, dirt, careless spills, and paint splatter that can easily damage these important parts of your house. One of the ways to avoid this unpleasant situation you can remove the thresholds for the time of reconstruction, but if you don't wish to replace or refinish your thresholds, most of contractors advise to use temporary threshold protection. Further, you can familiarize yourself with advantages and disadvantages of different types of threshold protection.

The best type of adhesive threshold protection is UV protective tape. It's 9 millimeters thick and is represented by a white tape that won't flake if exposed to sunlight. This UV protective tape contains special chemicals in both adhesive and the tape. These chemicals block UV rays and protect the tape from heat and sunlight. This type of door threshold protection can be used in both cold and hot climates and you don't have to worry about adhesive transfer that can lead to a clean and quick removal after the project is completed. UV protective tape is more expensive than other tapes of door threshold protection but it's worth your money.

Blue sill tapes and blue masking tape are frequently used by homeowners to protect the thresholds in their houses. The main advantage about these tapes is that they are not expensive and suitable for areas where it's not too hot and there is no too much sunlight. But these tapes offer short term protection. Secondly, these tapes can chip and flake if exposed to sunlight. Some people who have tried these types of threshold protection claim that they often require more work than protection. These tapes are only two-three millimeters thick and can leave a bit sticky adhesive left-over on the surface of a threshold. The matter is that this adhesive tends to soften in high temperatures.

The next offering for you to consider is the so called fitted threshold protection that is specially designed for protection of the thresholds and are produced from molded plastic. These protectors are meant for the most popular types of thresholds in a commercial or residential building. The greatest benefit of these protectors is that they are extremely durable and can be used for the projects of different kinds. Some sill manufacturers produce plastic threshold protection specifically for definite models of sills. It's a pity but multi-functional plastic protectors can't be used for every type of entrance threshold, that is why it's rather difficult to get this type of protection. However, there is a company of threshold protection in the west of the country that manufactures plastic threshold protectors for the common sill models.

If you have a sliding door track, you can choose from two available types of threshold protectors the first one of which is a hinged plastic protection that is placed over the sliding door tracks to prevent accumulation of debris. This type of protection is screwed into a wood subflooring to keep it immovable, so it can't be used in combination with sliding doors which are installed over cement plates used in the west of the country.

You can also consider another type of protection for sliding doors which are installed on cement plates. It is U-board protection that proves to be very resistant to any sort of impact. This type of protection is produced from recycled material that is 100% environmentally friendly. In fact, it's a heavy weight, thick compressed paper protection. The U-board is located over the tracks when the door is open. It proves to be very effective in protecting sliding door tracks from grime and dirt. Just like the plastic protector, this one keeps the tracks clean protecting them from any kind of damage that can influence the functioning of the door.

Finally, you're advised to contact your local supplier in surface protection who will inform you about various types of threshold protectors. Protect your door thresholds during any kind of remodeling or construction project.

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