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  United States / Arizona (AZ) / Show Low /

State: Arizona (AZ)
ZIP: 85901
City: Show Low
Address: 7887 Lakeland Rd
Phone: (928) 368-7595

Specialties Creative Green Homes LLC:
Doors & Windows
Fences & Gates
Cabinets & Counter Tops
Bathroom Remodeling
Patio & Deck
Land Development
Kitchen Renovation
Tiling & Flooring

Top 1 : > He was pleasant, courteous, hardworking and did the job in the right amount of time

Top 2 : > They are knowledgeable, friendly, and clean up after themselves

Top 3 : > came highly recommended by my wedding planner

Top 4 : > The owners are very helpful, attentive, and patient

Top 5 : > I would highlyreccomend them for all projects big or small

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