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Top 1 : Enjoy The Beauty Of Vintage Door Knobs Today

Believe it or not, but there was the time when most of homeowners would refuse to exchange their ornate door knobs with faceless knobs made of brass nickel, and copper. Smooth finishes were not appreciated in those far times. People used to be fond of the door knobs decorated with engraved ornaments as well as those made of glistening glass. These hardware items had an old style and what is even more surprising is that nowadays, these door knobs are back with their popularity... more

Top 2 : Choosing The Right Wireless Door Alarm For Your Family

Nowadays, there are a few types of door alarms the most prominent one of which is a wireless door alarm. It offers many advantages which prove to be very efficient for any home. But before getting a wireless door alarm you need to answer one question - whether you really need it. And the answer is obvious that one can hardly find a family who does not need a wireless security system. And it's true because this appliance performs far more functions than just protecting your house from burglars and undesired intruders... more

Top 3 : Some Facts From The History Of Interior Dutch Doors

Generally speaking, Dutch doors are known for their unusual construction - they are separated into two halves: top and bottom ones. Each of the halves can be open and closed independently of each other. These doors are not necessary additions to every household, but in some cases they prove to be very functional. Dutch doors can be divided into two types: interior and exterior. We will concentrate on the first type today. So, uniqueness of interior Dutch doors consists in the fact that they are horizontally divided... more

Top 4 : Kids Bathroom Ideas

It's a parents duty to teach their children about baths responsibilities. Though this process is time-consuming and rather stressful. Starting from brushing their teeth and getting used to going to the toilet the bathroom for children should be not only duty but a fun place of learning and growth. And at this point the question of decoration appears. Though decorating a kid's bath may be even interesting not only challenging if you possess certain knowledge. And below you will see the list of clues how to decorate id's bathroom... more

Top 5 : Improve Your Beloved House With The Modern Interior Glass Doors Today

Thinking about remodeling an old home or improving the look of a new house, people consider many different aspects. Most of them pay attention to floors and carpeting, light fixtures, the choice of wall paint and curtains. Unfortunately, few people consider changing or decorating the doors in their houses. Believe it or not, but although doors are some of the most frequently used items in any home, they are often ignored by the homeowners... more

Top 6 : Everything About Personalized Door Mats

Generally, door mats are laid near the very entrance door of a house. The greater number of contemporary homeowners prefers purchasing personalized door mats for their house in order to enable their visitors to recognize the owner of the house. It can be easily understood from the name given on the mat. So, if your guest or guests are visiting you for the first time, they can easily recognize your house. In addition, such a mat will be of great help for the carrier to deliver newspapers and other items to your home... more

Top 7 : Magnetic Screen Doors For Dogs

Magnetic screen doors for dogs are especially designed for dogs who can wear special magnetic keys on their collar. With this type of the door no strays and other animals can enter your house. In addition, they are very secure as they allow your dog to enter the door by just having magnetic keys on its collar. Magnetic screen doors for dogs can significantly reduce or even remove common problems with the dog's behavior including clawing your furniture pieces, destructive chewing, and too much barking... more

Top 8 : A Few Pieces Of Advice On DIY Garage Door Spring Replacement

If you have a garage you probably know how much maintenance and care it needs, especially when it comes to break or malfunction of any of its parts. If you're reading this article you are probably interested in tips on garage door spring replacement. This part of the garage door plays a very important role in proper functioning of the whole door in general and when it breaks or works incorrectly it has to be either repaired or replaced... more

Top 9 : Replacement And Advantages Of Larson Screen Door Parts

It is a completely natural process for everything on Earth to dilapidate with old age. Just like a human grows old, everything else grows weak and deteriorates with time. So, there is nothing unusual in the need to adjust, repair or even replace things for them to start proper functioning again. These things also include doors that can't last forever as well. Most of doors are designed to last for a few years with no need to repair or adjust anything in them, but even the most durable doors are subject to wear and tear... more

Top 10 : Tips On Purchasing The Appropriate Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Bathroom vanity lighting plays an important role for any bathroom in terms of design and functionality. In the contemporary life and for modern people, the bathroom's overhead lighting has become not enough to properly light the vanity and give you an opportunity to correctly put on of make up or to have a good shave. Unfortunately, many people still ignore the vanity lighting in their bathroom, but in reality the overhead lights can create shadows and unnecessary reflections... more

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